Dr. Maureen Elizabeth Li received her Medical Doctorate degree from the historic Medical College of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, and then completed her residency training in anesthesiology at LAC + USC Medical Center. There, at one of the largest trauma centers in the nation, she guided patients safely through some of the most complicated surgeries in the field of medicine, such as organ transplantations and cardiac bypass surgeries. Since then, for the past ten years, she has been a board-certified anesthesiologist with privileges at Methodist Hospital in Arcadia. Dr. Li quickly developed a strong interest in small anesthetic procedures and aesthetics. In particular, she wanted to incorporate her unique skill set of resuscitative techniques, pain management, and sedation into the booming, yet often poorly regulated, field of aesthetic medicine. Certified by the Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, Dr. Li infuses the rigors and evidence-based care of modern medicine into the art of anti-aging and beauty restoration.

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